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Fees | Payment options

The type of study you elect to undertake with North Regional TAFE will determine the full cost of your training.

If you are a Western Australian resident, the State Government will heavily subsidise your training. The State Government sets the fees charged at each qualification level, and in general, you will pay lower fees for introductory qualifications and higher fees for a higher level qualification.

Please view the Department of Training and Workforce Development’s indicative  course fees rate document and the VET fees and charges policy for further fee information.

Payment options 

Your fees can be paid via the following methods:
•    Credit card - call 1300 996 573 to make your payment
•    Bank transfer or direct debit – speak to our friendly customer service team for details
•    Money order, personal or bank cheque -  to be sent through to PO Box 1380 Broome WA 6725. Please ensure you clearly identify who you are and what you are paying for
Payments can be made at your nearest campus. For more information, please call 1300 996 573.

Payment plans

North Regional TAFE may be able to offer you the option of a payment plan which allows you to pay your fees over an agreed period. In cases of severe hardship, NRT may be able to release you from payment of fees, with appropriate evidence. Please call 1300 996 573 to find out more.

Withdrawals and refunds

If you decide to withdraw from your course, you may be eligible to claim a refund of the fees you have paid. You will need to complete the application form available from your nearest campus administration. You must formally withdraw prior to the census date outlined on your confirmation of enrolment. Please view the Student Fee Refund Policy for more information.

Page last updated April 20, 2018