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Tegan takes top honour

North Regional TAFE lecturer Tegan Mossop was crowned Trainer of the Year at the 2016 WA Training Awards before taking out national runner-up in Darwin last month.

“Blown away” by the recognition, Tegan claimed the State’s top spot at a glitzy presentation evening in Perth before finishing in second place against seven other national finalists in Darwin.

Hailing from the remote Kimberley town of Fitzroy Crossing, the Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) lecturer was singled out for her innovative approach to teaching.

Tegan teaches LLN, along with a range of other work, life and leadership skills to students in surrounding Aboriginal communities.

She has been praised for her ability to contexualise learning, engage students with limited resources, and combat language barriers, all while gaining the respect of her students, community members and peers.

Tegan said she felt honoured to be recognised with a State award, and privileged to be given the opportunity to collaborate, inspire and learn at a national level.

“The recognition has boosted my confidence in the value of training I deliver, and brought me to the realisation that I myself am actually in a position to lead and inspire others, even though I am still learning,” Tegan said.

“I love my life and my work in Fitzroy Crossing... Setting up learning environments out on country, under a tree with a sheet and a projector, using the Troopy as a whiteboard, or setting up a ‘night school’ with computers under the stars… this style of delivery seems normal to me and suits the environment I am in, so initially I was surprised it shocked or impressed people!”

Tegan’s passion for equity in education is the driving force behind her successes, and she plans to continue playing a part in ‘closing the gap’ in Australia’s education, by providing opportunities and support for all, despite their background, economic status, gender, race, or location.

Watch Tegan's WA Training Awards video here:


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