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SFI20119 Certificate II in Aquaculture

National ID: SFI20119 State ID: BEI8
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Turn the ocean into your office with a career in the aquaculture industry.

Students undertaking this training will learn skills required to work as an aquaculture attendant, under direct supervision, to support the farming of fish and other aquatic animals in the aquaculture industry. 

We aim to get our students actively involved in real aquaculture activities linked to our lake Kununurra Barramundi restocking project. 

As an aquaculture attendant you may undertake a range of routine tasks such as: 

  • Handling animals 
  • Feeding animals  
  • Monitoring animals
  • Monitoring environmental conditions
  • General housekeeping, hygiene and biosecurity practices 

The skills that you will learn at the Broome Aquaculture Centre are relevant to other work environments where you may find work including: 

  • Offshore and Onshore aquaculture farms 
  • Aquarium wholesalers and retailers 
  • Hatcheries and nurseries 
  • Live post-harvest holding facilities

All work is carried out to comply with workplace procedures, according to state/territory health and safety, food safety, biosecurity and environmental regulations, legislation and standards that apply to the workplace. 

  • Communicating in aquaculture work environments 
  • Occupational health and safety awareness  
  • Stock Handling  
  • Stock Feeding  
  • Water maintenance 
  • Following established procedures 
  • Observing stock health  
  • Basic biosecurity practices 

This certificate is suited to you if you are:

  • Wishing to make a career from aquaculture or related industries 
  • Wanting to experience what the aquaculture industry has to offer 
  • Of school age and wanting to undertake training as part of their schooling 
  • An aquarium or ornamental hobbyist seeking to know more about your hobby 
  • Engaged in a pre-employment program 

If you don’t live in or near Broome, our 5-day block training program may work for you 


This course is part of the Skills Ready initiative, allowing you to pay just half of the standard course fees for training from now until 2025! In addition, eligible students will have their course fees capped at just $400 per year. Please note that additional resource, material and/or equipment costs may apply. Visit our Skills Ready page for more information.

^ You will pay half price for the course fees on the Lower fees, local skills courses, however other fees may apply such as for resources that are specifically needed for your training.

There are no formal entrance requirements for this qualification.

Training is undertaken at the Broome Aquaculture Centre. Each block of training is 5 days long. We aim to undertaken 6 blocks each year.  We estimate that each student will need a minimum of 245 hours of face-to-face training to complete this qualification. 

Face to face delivery includes activities from: 

  • Classroom, which focusses on essential knowledge to enhance practical understanding
  • Practical (hands-on) activities are undertaken on a range of species including Barramundi, Giant freshwater prawns, Marine ornamentals and microalgae 
  • Students needing additional support between blocks can request access to our online learning resources

Over the years diversification of our training program has come from discussions with industry and has enabled students to secure employment within the following sectors: 

  • Indigenous aquaculture projects  
  • Pearling 
  • Barramundi farming 
  • Department of Primary Industries and development (Fisheries) 

Expansion in the Abalone, oyster, and proposed king fish aquaculture business in the southern region of Western Australia could also provide employment opportunities working in hatcheries, nurseries or grow-out facilities that grow: 

  • Edible oysters 
  • Abalone 
  • Marron  
  • Kingfish 

After achieving this qualification, candidates are encouraged to undertake a: 

SFI30119 Certificate III in Aquaculture 

Delivery locations and study options

Available all year

Qualification details

Duration 2 Semesters
When Available all year
Where Broome Campus
How Off campus
On campus
Still in school
Course fee
Tuition fee* Resource fee Total fee
General $477.90 $95.55 $573.45
Concession $141.60 $95.55 $237.15

Our estimated fees are based on:

  • Full time study in 2022
  • A selection of elective units designed to meet local industry demand for skills (different unit selections will attract different fees)
  • The government rate for Australian Citizens over the age of 18, permanent visa holders, visa sub-class 309, 444, 820 or a 457 dependent visa

These fees are estimates only and depend on your eligibility for government funding, concession rates, the units you choose to study or seek to be recognised under Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Additional resource, material and/or equipment costs may apply. Visit our Fees and Charges page for more information, including on consumer rights.

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