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Fell Trees

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This course is designed for experienced chainsaw operators as a progression from the Chainsaw Skillset. Students will gain professional training for chainsaw operations. Being a high-risk activity there is a duty of care for operators to have accredited training. It is also for recreational operators that seek professional training.

This skill set is delivered as face-to-face training for one theory day in the classroom, and one day in the field completing practical demonstration assessments. NR TAFE also provide chainsaws and a comprehensive range of support equipment to use as per TAFE safe operating procedures.

AHCPCM203 Fell small trees

Applicants need to be able to provide evidence of previous experience using chainsaws or completion of the Skill Set IAA02 Chainsaw Skill Set.

The unit has been assigned 30 nominal hours, but since this course requires that all students will have had previous experience using chainsaws, it is expected that they will already have basic knowledge and skills on which to build.

The practical training will occur either in a real workplace or a realistic simulated typical workplace condition. The Assessor may liaise with employers to determine suitable locations for the training.

Upon successful completion of the qualification, the types of employment that could be undertaken include (but are not limited to) working with local landscape gardeners and community gardens, Indigenous Language groups, Horticultural business enterprise groups, local nurseries and garden centers, and other government bodies such as Department of Agriculture and Food.

This unit is not intended to provide a pathway, but to provide opportunity for consolidation of key skills and knowledge around a core workplace function – operating a chainsaw to fell small trees.

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This course is currently undergoing scheduling to meet community demand. Course dates, locations and study modes will be available shortly. Please check back soon, complete the course enquiry form below or contact our Client Services Team for more information.

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