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The Leader in Me Skill Set

State ID: IAB26

Need a stepping stone into further training or employment?

The Leader in Me Skill Set offers students a pre-enrolment pathway before continuing onto mainstream training, or any Gaining Access to Training and Employment (GATE) course available at North Regional TAFE.

This course focuses on self-development and leadership. Working with a targeted delivery group, this is a short, sharp course that gives participants an understanding and awareness of self, how we learn and behave and how our beliefs and attitudes can help or hinder us when it comes to achieving our goals.

This course is affordable and flexible, and covers leadership qualities for participants to identify, develop and practice in a safe environment.  This course can be adapted for a range of audiences from young disengaged youth, to mature aged workers who simply need to identify their existing skills and build on their knowledge in order to feel confident in the workplace.

How to apply

How to apply

To apply please contact North Regional TAFE on 1300 996 573, email info@nrtafe.wa.edu.au, drop into your local campus, or complete the online Course enquiry form at the bottom of the page.

Delivery location, important dates and study options

This course is currently undergoing delivery planning and information will be available on our website shortly. Check back later, or use the course enquiry form below to have our Client Contact Centre contact you with further information about the next course start, delivery locations and study modes.

Course enquiry

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