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MS Excel Introduction

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The skills and knowledge acquired in the MS Excel Introduction one-day short course are sufficient to be able to use and operate the software effectively.

Learn how to navigate your way around Microsoft Excel 2016 and at the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • create and work with a new workbook
  • make changes to data in a workbook
  • understand and work with ranges in a worksheet
  • copy and paste data in Excel
  • move the contents of cells and ranges within and between workbooks
  • understand, create and work with formulas and functions
  • use font formatting techniques
  • align the contents of cells in a number of ways
  • format rows and columns in a worksheet
  • understand and use the number formatting features in Excel
  • print your workbook data
  • create effective charts in Microsoft Excel
  • understand points to consider to avoid problems in your worksheets

Improve your skills by completing the MS Excel Introduction course today!

*Please note; Short Courses are non-accredited and result in a Certificate of Participation. A non-accredited training course does not count-towards a recognised qualification, but is specially designed to provide hands-on training in a new skill you can use in your personal or professional life, and is a great way to refresh your knowledge or give you a taste of a different industry.

Not all units and study modes are offered at all campuses. Please check with your local campus.

Delivery location, important dates and study options

This course is currently undergoing scheduling to meet community demand. Course dates, locations and study modes will be available shortly. Please check back soon, complete the course enquiry form below or contact our Client Services Team for more information.

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