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Student services and support

North Regional TAFE is committed to helping you reach your career and study goals by providing a range of support services. Please speak to our customer services team or call 1300 996 573 for more information on our student services and support.

Literacy, Numeracy and study support 
Literacy and numeracy support is available to all students once they have enrolled in a vocational qualification. This assists students to complete the qualification they are enrolled in by providing support with the reading, writing and numbers components of the course. 
Disability support

NRT is committed to providing access and equity of participation for students with a disability, enabling each to be involved fully and independently in all aspects of the College programs and services. Our Disability Support Coordinator can provide information and advice, arrange reasonable adjustments, assistive equipment and technologies, interpreters and in-class tutorial support. Students are encouraged to make contact with the Disability Support Coordinator and lecturer about the impact of their disability, impairment or medical condition to assist in determining what support will be needed while undertaking their course. All information given will be treated confidentially.

For more information, please contact Disabilitysupport@nrtafe.wa.edu.au

Click here to download the Disability Support flyer

View NRT’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) 2017 – 2021

To provide feedback or comment on NRT's DAIP 2017 - 2021, please click here.

Aboriginal Training Services (ATS) support

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are eligible for a range of support services through our on-campus Aboriginal Training Services (ATS) team. The ATS team delivers culturally appropriate training support for students, trainees and apprentices, by assisting in identifying needs to maximise enrolment, course completion and employment opportunities.

Our dedicated ATS team provides the following support services:
• Assistance with study and talking to lecturers
• In-class support, both academic and practical
• Mentoring, tutor support and career counselling
• The Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS)
• Informal counselling and mentoring
• Liaison with Centrelink, Abstudy, Job Services Australia, Remote Jobs and Communities Program and other service providers
• Assistance arranging accommodation, transport and study support resources such as workwear, protective equipment and learning aids
• Referrals or information about other services such as financial counselling, childcare and health needs

In addition, the ATS team provides:
• Advice on culturally appropriate learning methods and environments within NRT
• Tailored services to external agencies and employers
• Consultation with Aboriginal communities and organisations to identify community development projects and negotiated training plans to address unique local needs

All ATS staff employ collaborative work practices within NRT and with external stakeholders to achieve the best possible training and employment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) students. NRT encourages existing and prospective ATSI students to provide any suggestions in which they believe will improve service delivery.

Student support hub
Students requiring additional tutoring, particularly those with special needs, can drop into the Student Support Hub located at our Broome campus. The hub is fitted with soft colourful furnishings, iPads, computers with touchscreen and voice recognition software, and NRT brochures and literature.
If you would like to find out information regarding our complaints management process, please refer to the Complaints Management Policy and the Complaint Procedure.
Assessment result appeals
 If you would like to find out information regarding appealing the result of an assessment, please refer to the Assessment Appeals Policy.
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