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Cookery students join renowned chefs in kitchen

Last week North Regional TAFE’s Commercial Cookery students were be given the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with world class chefs to put on one of WA’s most exclusive pop-up dining experiences, presented by Fervor.

Students studying locally in Broome and students travelling all the way from One Arm Point, came together to gain once in a lifetime industry experience from some of the most acclaimed contenders in WA’s cooking scene.

So who is Fervor?

Fervor is a WA born and bred pop-up dining company built from the ground up by highly experienced and internationally renowned chefs and front of house experts. Fervor is a team unlike any other in the cooking and hospitality industry, providing one-off ‘culinary adventures,’ harnessing the oldest ingredients with the most contemporary and refined cooking techniques. Menu items on offer this weekend include; emu, pearl meat, Gubinge, boab fruit, bush cucumber, dune spinach and sandfire, to name only a few.

Paul Iskov, owner, head chef and the mastermind behind Fervor foods, has spent the last few weeks touring all across regional WA with his team to showcase a selection of the region's finest native ingredients and broaden the palate of both students and diners alike. Paul is no newbie when it comes to pop-up dining and has been the driving force behind Fervor for the past six years, having visited countless regional locations including Newman, Karijini, Fitzroy Crossing and Broome.

We asked Paul why he believes it’s so important to involve aspiring chefs in such a unique experience and how Fervor can develop their cooking with knowledge from the One Arm Point students.

“It’s really the next generation of cooking. The students are going to be the ones to bring the native ingredients to the forefront. These students are inspired by the foods around them and the knowledge they have gathered from their families. We can bring skills learnt from all around the world and pair them with the students' firsthand knowledge to create something truly unique," Paul said.

NRT's connection

Last week, NRT had the chance to catch up with the rest of the Fervor crew at the Pearler’s Training Restaurant in Broome, where the students spent hours on end learning directly from those at the heart of the industry. Students from One Arm Point as well as Commercial Cookery students, were given the opportunity to assist in the preparation of the food ahead of last weekend’s sold out event.

This rare opportunity was made possible through the drive and commitment of Commercial Cookery lecturer Lisette Monsello. Lisette’s enthusiasm throughout the entire lead up to the event has had a truly remarkable impact on the students, who have opted to put aside personal and work commitments to take part in the Fervor preparation. Lisette commented on the positive shift in student behaviour over the week, highlighting the importance of interacting with key players in the industry and getting hands on experience straight from the source.

Meng-Hung (Joey) Tsai, is a self-funded student whose passion for cooking has only grown since meeting the Fervor team. We spoke with him about Fervor and why he was so eager to get involved.

“I want to try cooking in this area because I was cooking as a pastry chef before. I want to try and see what I like. Fervor is really kind and organised and think about other people,” Joey said.

Joey had the chance to prepare bush cucumber for the event and was excited to learn from some of the best in the industry.

“This is the first time I’ve touched this ingredient, it’s interesting, and they’ve really opened my mind.”

NRT would like to thank the students involved for their time, commitment and passion throughout their studies and the lead up to the event. Fervor’s 8 Course Degustation Dinner is sure to go off without a hitch this weekend, leaving those lucky enough to dine, open minded and with full bellies.

Students involved with Fervor’s visit to Broome:

One Arm Point Remote Community School

  • Bruce (Rocky) Edgar
  • Beverley Edgar
  • Jason Cox

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery students:

  • Meng-Hung (Joey) Tsai
  • Jaybe Liddy
  • Mel-John Fronda

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