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Pilbara Ranger Group Gumwarni 2018

Over the past 12 months, North Regional TAFE has connected with Aboriginal community groups in the Pilbara region to identify their training needs. Five ranger groups were identified and of the five, four have now commenced training at NRT's Karratha campus.

Earlier this month, five ranger groups gathered at Fortescue River Bridge and Forty Mile Beach for the Smackdown component of the Gumwarni 2018 event. The event consisted of a week of innovative training activities, designed to engage and break down the barriers between each of the ranger groups. The NRT team acknowledged that it was challenging at times to bring so many different language groups together, however they were able to remain neutral and facilitate open communication among all groups involved and deemed the event a huge success.

The Nyungumarta Rangers won the inaugural trophy and were deserving winners, demonstrating great team work and positive attitude. A big thank you to Val Ross (Aboriginal Development Officer), for being the driving force behind the event and for coordinating and organising all the logistics. Luana Pearce and Monica Handley also deserve huge praise for their enthusiasm and attention to detail, scheduling and organising a great roster of activities and creating and maintaining a real feel-good atmosphere throughout.

A special thanks to George Somerville and Gareth Preece for their collaboration and team effort and for travelling from Broome to help out with the event.

Ranger groups in attendance:
Marduthuni Rangers – Training with NRT
Banjima Rangers – Training with NRT
Chevron Land and Sea Rangers – Identified ranger group
Citic Mining Rangers – Identified ranger group
Nyangumarta Rangers – Training with NRT

NRT staff in attendance:
Val Ross – Aboriginal Development Officer
James Dann – Aboriginal Training Support Officer
Karen Hahn – Aboriginal Support Office
Monica Handley – Access Lecturer
Luarna Pearce – Access Lecturer
George Somerville – Access Lecturer
Gareth Preece – Access Lecturer

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