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Success for international student

Congratulations to one of our IELTS Prep Course students Amandine Leclerc, who recently completed her IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam and received the band score she needed to apply for permanent residency in Australia. This was the fourth time she had taken the test and was proud to receive a score of 6 for listening, 6 for writing, 6 for speaking and 7.5 for reading.

Student spotlight 

Amandine is originally from France and has since been traveling across Australia working as a painter for Saltwater Properties (a group of accommodation and tourism based businesses throughout Australia), her most recent work has involved taking on the large scale task of painting at Kimberley Sands Resort and Spa in Broome. The IELTS is such a high stakes exam, with the potential to impact the lives and futures of many international students. Congratulations again to Amandine for receiving this wonderful news and for working tirelessly throughout her studies at North Regional TAFE! Amandine was thrilled with her results and has credited her success to participating in the preparatory course as well as the support she received from her lecturers leading up to the exam.

“The course helped a lot, it helped that I was in a class studying English for a week with other students instead of trying to study for the exam at home alone.  The feedback I got from Bimbi and Jane was really useful, I took this on and made changes and I think these changes altered my score.  The teachers’ explanations were really helpful and I felt totally assured that they knew what was required for all IELTS papers.  Doing the test in Broome reduced my stress levels on the day as I didn't have to travel so I felt more relaxed as it was a familiar setting.  I now understand what Aussies mean when they say, ‘no worries!’  as I now have no worries in life, I can apply for PR in July and make plans to stay in Australia forever.”

About the course 

The IELTS Preparation Course is a week-long intensive program, suitable for anyone who needs to take the IELTS exam. The course looks at exam protocols and advice as well as a focus on the four tests; speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students also go through a mock exam to help them prepare for the final examination.

For more information, please contact North Regional TAFE on 1300 996 573.

Page last updated June 08, 2018