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Jah-Sali has just signed his Mechanical Apprenticeship!

Meet Jah-Sali who has recently signed his Mechanical Apprenticeship!

Over recent years, he has been through serious adversity but decided it was time to take control of his future and make a change.

With support from his mentor, Michael Pigram from the Waalitj Foundation, he was set up with the Jobs and Skills WA Centre. Casey from the Jobs and Skills Centre set up a meeting with Broome Toyota who was keen to give Jah-Sali a crack at the two-week trial period to help him transition into the workforce. The trial period set him up with clear expectations that would help him take on an apprenticeship.

It’s fair to say he passed with flying colours and has started his new journey in his Mechanical Apprenticeship. Congratulations Jah-Sali on achieving your goal and we wish you all the best as you embark on your automotive career!