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From study to success in the community services industry

A North Regional TAFE (NR TAFE) community services student has gained confidence and found industry success through the support of Kununurra lecturer, Bronia Ramsay.

At first, NR TAFE student Chantelle Un was hesitant to pursue further education. Chantelle’s experience in school difficult and she ended up leaving in year nine. However, her determination to become a positive role model for her young son and give back to her community pushed her to approach Bronia for help.

Bronia suggested Chantelle enrol in the Course in Underpinning Skills for Industry Qualifications (USIQ), try a unit in community services and attend classes in Kununurra the following week where she would have face-to-face support.

Despite initial struggles, Chantelle enrolled in a second unit and showed great determination and persistence through to completion. After completing five core units, her confidence had grown and she decided to complete the remaining elective units online.

Bronia said the highlight of her year was seeing her student after she completed her CHC32015 Certificate III in Community Services.

“Seeing Chantelle with her final certificate in hand was a privilege to share. I reminded her of how uneasy she felt on her first day and asked her to describe how she now felt in one word, she replied with “AMAZING!,” Bronia said.

Chantelle has since began studying a business qualification at NR TAFE and has recently commenced her first job working in community services.

“I am very proud of Chantelle’s achievements and her preparedness to take on what initially seemed like such a big challenge. She had to overcome a series of real and perceived barriers, and did so with great tenacity,” Bronia said

“She is now balancing work, study and family commitments and is confident she can face any challenges that may come her way. Providing opportunities and support to students can ultimately change lives and that’s what motivates me to do what I do every day.”