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What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a web-based learning management system that supports online learning, providing many tools and features that enrich the learning experience.

How to log in

Select the link above and the Blackboard login screen will display

Use the following details to log into Blackboard:

Username: Student ID number e.g: B044981
Password: NR TAFE network password

 Changing your default student password

If you are accessing Blackboard for the first time, follow the instructions below to change your default student password.

Select the Login to Blackboard link above, and the Blackboard login screen will display. Click on Helpdesk, and Change your network password using Office 365. Watch the video below to change your default student password.

You must register your phone and personal email address while changing your password for the first time so that you can reset your password in future.

To reset your password, enter your Office 365 email address in the following format: e.g.

Your default password is: TafeDDMMYYYY (Capital T, date of birth)

Accessing your course
After you log in, you will be on the Blackboard homepage.

There are two TABs on this page:

  • My Organisation
  • Notification Dashboard

You will find Add module below the TABs.

Add module: Add a module to view the list of available modules, such as Dictionary, Report Card and Notes

By default you will be in My Organisation where you will find the following:

  • Current Training: This section will list the courses you are enrolled in
  • My Announcements: This section will display all of the announcement you have in your courses
  • What’s New: This section will display the summary of your Blackboard activities
  • Blackboard Help for Students: This is a Blackboard shell where you will find tutorial to improve your Blackboard management skills
  • Password Expiry: This will notify you when you need to change your password
  • My Tasks: This section will display all of your tasks with a due date
  • Tools: View announcements and grades for all courses you are enrolled in. Send emails to members of any of your courses. View course calendar dates and tasks added by instructors and add your personal calendar events and tasks, which will remain private. Use the Personal Information link to access and edit the same personal information found in the My Places link in the header.

Select a course under Current Training to access to your course.

 Need help?

Please contact your lecturer if:

  • You are not enrolled in your expected qualification or unit
  • You are having trouble resetting your password
  • There are any issues with your qualification or unit materials

Click the Student Support link in the top right corner of your Blackboard homepage for further training.

Page last updated January 28, 2020