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Student Resources

Student portal and Office 365 emails

Embarking on your first career or changing careers can be a daunting prospect. Rest assured you have come to the right place. The following information will give you an overview of resources available to you.

How to log in

As a student, you have access to a range of services to make your training experience as enjoyable and successful as possible. To access most student systems, you will use your student ID as your log in. Please refer to your enrolment confirmation email for your student ID.

Office 365 for students

Throughout your studies, we will send information to you using your student email, so it is important to check your emails regularly.

Access Office 365

Password: Default password
Default Password = TafeDDMMYYYY (Capital T, Date of Birth)

Please change your password once you have logged in.

Student Portal

If you are accessing Student Portal for the first time, please log into Office 365(opens in a new tab)  first and update your self service profile and student password prior to logging in. You can follow the steps above.

Once your self service profile and student password have been updated in Office 365, you will be required to enter a username and password into Student Portal as following:

Username: Student ID
Password: Student password

For example, if your Student ID is K123456 and your student password is Hello123#, your Student Portal log in details would be:

Username: K123456
Password: Hello123#

Click here to log in to the North Regional TAFE Student Portal


Blackboard is a web-based learning management system that supports online learning, providing many tools and features that enrich your learning experience.

Login to Blackboard


Select the link above and the Blackboard login screen will display. 

Use the following details to log into Blackboard:

Username: Student ID number e.g: B044981

Password: NR TAFE network password

If you are accessing Blackboard for the first time, follow the instructions below to change your default student password.

Select the Log in to Blackboard link above, and the Blackboard login screen will display. Click on Helpdesk, and Change your network password using Office 365. Watch the video here to learn how to change your default student password.

You must register your phone and personal email address while changing your password for the first time so that you can reset your password in future.

To reset your password, enter your Office 365 email address in the following format: e.g.

Your default password is: TafeDDMMYYYY (Capital T, date of birth)

After you log in, you will be on the Blackboard homepage.

There are two TABs on this page:

  • My Organisation
  • Notification Dashboard

You will find Add module below the TABs.

Add module: Add a module to view the list of available modules, such as Dictionary, Report Card and Notes

By default you will be in My Organisation where you will find the following:

  • Current training: This section will list the courses you are enrolled in
  • My announcements: This section will display all of the announcement you have in your courses
  • What’s new: This section will display the summary of your Blackboard activities
  • Blackboard help for students: This is a Blackboard shell where you will find tutorial to improve your Blackboard management skills
  • Password expiry: This will notify you when you need to change your password
  • My Tasks: This section will display all of your tasks with a due date
  • Tools: View announcements and grades for all courses you are enrolled in. Send emails to members of any of your courses. View course calendar dates and tasks added by instructors and add your personal calendar events and tasks, which will remain private. Use the Personal Information link to access and edit the same personal information found in the My Places link in the header.

Select a course under Current Training to access to your course.

Please contact your lecturer if:

  • You are not enrolled in your expected qualification or unit
  • You are having trouble resetting your password
  • There are any issues with your qualification or unit materials

Email for more information or help with student resources. 

Learning resources

All staff and enrolled students can access NR TAFE’s online resources on and off campus.

Students: Student ID (xxxxxx) and computer password

Staff: Network computer login and password

If you have problems logging in, please call 1300 996 573.

NR TAFE students and staff can search for library books, magazines, DVDs, CDs and online resources using our online catalogue SuperSearch. Please log in to request the delivery of learning resources to your nearest campus.

Click here to search for learning resources with SuperSearch(opens in a new tab)


Over 7,000 Australian Standards, covering all categories of training and study.

Click here to search for an Australian Standard(opens in a new tab)


Streamed videos on a broad range of subject areas including Education, Tourism and Hospitality, Beauty, Aged Care, Children's Services and Business. We recommend using FirefoxSafari or Chrome browsers to view these videos.

Click here to view Kanopy video streaming(opens in a new tab)


Almost 4,000 eBooks covering a broad range of subjects to assist with your studies.

Click here to view EBSCO eBooks(opens in a new tab)


Thousands of full-text articles from magazines, journals and newspapers across a wide range of subject areas including Science and Technology, Business, The Arts and Health. You will also find the same articles through Supersearch.

Click here to find articles in ProQuest(opens in a new tab)


Thousands of full-text articles from magazines, journals and newspapers across a wide range of subject areas including Education, Tourism and Hospitality, Business, Computer and Applied Sciences, and the Environment. You will also find the same articles through SuperSearch.

Click here to find articles in EBSCO(opens in a new tab)


Medically accurate and detailed 3D graphic rendering of human anatomy.

Click here for Anatomy TV(opens in a new tab)


Australian Workplace Health and Safety online videos. Lecturers: please contact library for facilitator's guide download information.

Click here to view SafetyHub(opens in a new tab)


Student Handbook

Download the Student Handbook here (5 MB) (PDF document)