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VET Transcript Service

Are you a current student or have you undertaken nationally recognised training since 2015? You can access your VET transcript through your Unique Student Identifier (USI) account.


What is a VET Transcript?

A VET transcript is a comprehensive record of an individual's training achievements since January 1, 2015. Accessible via your USI account, it consolidates all your nationally recognised training outcomes into a single, authenticated document.


Why is it Important?

A VET transcript serves as a powerful tool for showcasing your Qualifications to potential employers, licensing bodies, and educational institutions. It simplifies the process of verifying your training history, demonstrating prerequisites for further education, and facilitating credit transfers.


Verification Made Simple

Sharing your training records securely is effortless with the VET transcript. Grant access to:

  • Potential Employers

  • Employment Agencies

  • Licensing Bodies

  • Registered Training Organisations

  • Universities and Higher Education Providers

  • Tertiary Admission Centres

  • Tailor Your Transcript

Customise your transcript by selecting which training details to display. Whether it's proving your qualifications or showcasing specific skills, you have full control over what information to share.


Benefits of VET Transcripts

  • Instantly verify qualifications
  •  Streamline credit transfers and prerequisite validations
  • Safeguard against loss of original documents
  • Eliminate the need for unnecessary re-training due to misplaced credentials


Learn more

Visit to explore all you need to know about USIs and VET transcripts.