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Customised training and workforce development

We're invested in Western Australia. 

We want to see the communities and your business thrive. Please contact us on 1300 996 573 to discuss your workplace and customised training needs.

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Workforce solutions

Having the right people with the right skills at the right time is vital to the success of a business.

We are dedicated to working with employers to develop training solutions that meet staff and workforce needs. Investing in skills development can result in increased productivity and efficiency, greater staff retention, employee satisfaction and recognition by the wider community as an employer of choice.

We work with you to:

  • Understand your workforce’s strengths, capabilities and skills development needs
  • Conduct skills assessment and gap training analysis
  • Develop customised workforce training solutions
  • Recognise your employees’ existing skills
  • Identify and secure funding to support training

Customised training

Everyone’s needs are different and that’s why we offer the option of customised training courses to suit individual, community and workplace needs.

Whether you’re looking to add a new skill set onto a standardised training set, or create a new one to upskill a specific group or organisation, we can assist you.

Here examples of customised training sets we have recently delivered and are currently delivering.

This course can be used as pre-enrolment for students wanting to enter mainstream training, or any Gaining Access to Training and Employment (GATE) courses through NR TAFE. The course, which runs between two to four days, focuses on self-development and leadership. It gives participants an understanding and awareness of self, how we learn and behave and how our beliefs and attitudes stop us achieving our goals. It is affordable, flexible, can be tailored to employment requirements and includes leadership qualities for participants to identify, develop and practise in a safe environment, giving them confidence and comfort in starting a course, or a new job.

The Leader in Me can be adapted for a range of audiences from young disengaged youth, to mature aged workers who need to identify and compartmentalise their existing skills, building on that knowledge to feel confident in their role.

We deliver customised pre-employment courses to organisations seeking new intakes of employees, working closely with them to simulate their working environment and develop participants’ skills in line with needs. These courses run between two to six weeks and allow potential new employees to demonstrate that they are ready and committed to join the organisation. Many of the courses also encompass valuable life skills including fitness, money and time management.

We offer customised project management training to companies throughout Western Australia. This training is structured around the individual needs of each organisation and provides a summary of project management and effective application of the process, based on regulatory requirements.

We deliver work readiness programs tailored to a wide range of industries aimed at developing participants’ personal, social and employability skills. These programs assist learners in transitioning into vocational pathways or work, and developing skills to direct their own personal development. Focus areas include being fit for work, entry requirements and recruitment processes for different industries and employers, broadening awareness of career options, enhancing self-confidence, developing foundation and employability skills, and drivers licence theory preparation.

We offer scheduled on-site, culturally appropriate, aged care and pathway training to eligible remote community health care services, working closely with managers and key stakeholders to determine training needs and facilitate an inclusive model training package. This mode of training allows for staff skill development, accreditation training, and provides community members with the opportunity for employment in the health care industry.

We offer a tailored course for employees new to supervising Community Development Program (CDP) participants. Over one week, this course provides participants with underpinning skills in workplace safety, first aid, worksite assessments and incident reporting.

We are committed to responsiveness and collaborations to promote and ensure effective partnerships, resulting in skill development relevant to and in alignment with the needs of supervisors. We offer and maintain suitable and planned communications through the development, implementation, scheduled training delivery and sharing of lessons learned for Indigenous supervisors, mentors, industry bodies and all that require additional training and knowledge.

We work closely with local schools and organisations to support disadvantaged youth to re-engage with education through programs aimed at improving outcomes for young people, assisting them with pathway into further training.

Our qualified and experienced staff provide additional services and advice over and above training.

For organisations pursuing innovative new ventures or start-ups, our staff can provide critical advice and direction in their areas of expertise. For example NR TAFE led the development of the Native Bush Food industry in the Kimberley, with high level expertise in species such as the Kakadu plum/Gubinge. Marra Worra Worra, an Aboriginal organisation in the Fitzroy Valley, used the skills and knowledge of our industry specialists to design their Gubinge plantation correctly on their country, acquiring the right resources and establishing Gubinge integration with other food crops.

NR TAFE is at the cutting edge of some of the most complex maritime programs in the world. Our Broome Maritime Simulation Centre (BMSC) uses sophisticated simulation equipment and software to undertake specifically developed complex training and port feasibility studies. Vessels, ports, vessel movements, propulsion systems, environmental conditions and other factors can all be customised to provide clients with insight and training experiences. For example, dredging company, Jan De Nal, used the BMSC to train its staff in complex maritime manoeuvres, in the exact simulated operating environment, while their highly technical equipment was being mobilised from Europe, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency and delivering on a highly specialised tender.

NR TAFE has worked closely with the Kimberley Ports Authority to deliver a fully customised six-hour Manual Handling course. The training was contextualised to the company’s own policies and procedures, with each component of the training replicating relevant workplace scenarios, allowing employees to build knowledge within the correct context.

The course received highly positive feedback, with participants reporting they had received skills and knowledge directly relevant to their field of work.

NR TAFE provides customised training for community care workers needing skills or refreshers in areas such as Manual Handling and Infection Control. We work with agencies including Yaandina Community Services to provide tailored training programs to ensure their staff maintain and develop their competencies, accumulating Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points for maintaining registration and/or accreditation.