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Aboriginal Training Services

Hey you mob!

The Aboriginal Support Centre is a culturally safe and welcoming environment. The Centres are a place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to feel safe, comfortable, accepted, and confident that they will be respected, will be listened to, and receive appropriate education and training support. 

Culturally safe welcoming spaces enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, families, and employees to uphold their cultural practices and beliefs. The physical, emotional, and relational aspects of spaces are all critical components of creating welcoming environments. 

If you or someone you know is studying or interested in studying and would like to come have a yarn with the team, head over to your nearest campus reception to chat with the Aboriginal Training Services Team in the Support Centre.  


Aboriginal Training Services (ATS) Logo - Did you know?

The Aboriginal Training Services (ATS) has its logo for staff to be easily recognised. It clearly identifies that we work inclusively and supportively to help Aboriginal students, communities and stakeholders with their training journey with North Regional TAFE.

Our ATS Staff proudly wear the logo, knowing our roles are multifaceted as we enthusiastically and responsibly help increase Aboriginal students’ positive experiences on their training journey.
We know the logo shows others our history and culture, and in present times, our work plays a part in expanding proud, skilled Aboriginal peoples in the North West workforce.

The logo lets Staff and Lecturers know they can access and seek assistance around cultural sensitivity protocols when teaching Aboriginal students, and we encourage a two-way learning model.
The ATS logo has two boomerangs (karrapiri or garli), one inside the other. The oval shape portrays a coolamon (lapi or lewanja). This design was selected as it represented what the ATS team is all about.
Boomerangs were for hunting, and to get food, hunting techniques and knowledge had to be passed down from the elders to the young men. The boomerang also signifies how we, as Indigenous people survived. The women used the coolamon to gather small lizards, berries and roots. Like the men, the women passed down skills and knowledge to the young girls. Coolamons were also used for carrying babies, and this symbol signifies nurturing.

The red circles symbolise the training journey, starting small and growing. The flags represent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Thus, the role of the ATS team is to support training and nurture the student to complete their training. 

We have a deadly team who can support you!

Come and yarn to us about how we can help you on your training journey. The ATS team helps students with:
  • In-class support, both academic and practical
  • Mentoring tutor support and career counselling
  • The Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS)
  • Liaising with Centrelink, Abstudy, Job Services Australia, Remote Jobs, Jobs and Skills Centres
  • Community Programs and other service providers
  • Scholarship information and support applications
  • Assistance arranging accommodation, transport, meals if eligible and training aid support resources such as work wear, personal protective equipment (PPE) and learning resources (textbooks)
  • Referrals or information about other services such as financial counselling, childcare, and health needs
  • Informal counselling and mentoring
In addition, the ATS team provides:
  • Advice on culturally appropriate learning methods and environments within the College
  • Tailored services to external agencies and employers
  • Consultation with Aboriginal communities and organisations to identify community development projects and negotiated training plans to address unique local needs.
We can also provide support services in Aboriginal communities across the regions where training is being delivered.


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