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Meet Anna Charley!

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Anna Charley, an employee at Moonlight Bay Suites in Broome, seized the opportunity to access funding provided by the PALM Skills Development Program. This enabled her to undertake Tier 4 training and complete Certificate I in Workplace Skills at North Regional TAFE. The funding empowered her to enhance her workplace skills and promised benefits for her employers and her community back home in Vanuatu.
When Anna began training at NRTAFE, she had limited experience with digital devices, particularly PCs and laptops. Eager to learn, she had recently purchased a computer and was keen to develop her digital literacy skills for the workplace. Her goal was to increase productivity within her organisation. Her dedication paid off, as she was offered the opportunity to train at the reception, undertaking administrative duties alongside her usual role in housekeeping.
Anna's training journey has been truly remarkable. She has consistently demonstrated excellent study skills and enthusiasm. A highly motivated student, she always strives to perform at her best. Whether creating brochures and PowerPoint presentations or crafting resumes and cover letters, Anna uses every opportunity to expand her knowledge and skills. Anna has shown remarkable progress, from starting a digital device to completing various workplace tasks such as downloading/uploading documents, scanning, and using applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Most impressively, she has mastered touch typing, a skill she had little knowledge of at the beginning of the course.
 Anna's success inspires others to pursue training opportunities. North Regional TAFE extends its best wishes to her and eagerly anticipates her return as a student.