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Our new Aboriginal Support Centres are now open!

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We have opened our new Aboriginal Support Centres across our Kimberley and Pilbara campuses.

Our Aboriginal Training Services team have recently opened the Aboriginal Support Centres at the Broome, Derby, Kununurra, Pundulmurra and Karratha campuses. 

The Aboriginal Training Services team celebrated the new opening with a morning tea at each campus to launch the new spaces with our communities and to show how these spaces can support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  

The re-naming of the ATS office space is to help Aboriginal people to identify that the Aboriginal Support Centre is a culturally safe and welcoming environment. The Centres are a place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to feel safe, comfortable, accepted, and confident that they will be respected, will be listened to, and receive appropriate education and training support. 

Culturally safe welcoming spaces enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, families, and employees to uphold their cultural practices and beliefs. The physical, emotional, and relational aspects of spaces are all critical components of creating welcoming environments. 

If you or someone you know is studying or interested in studying and would like to come have a yarn with the team, head over to your nearest campus reception to chat with the Aboriginal Training Services Team in the Support Centre.