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The Sky is the Limit for Our School Based Trainee Angel Dryden!

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We are proud to share the story of Angel Dryden, one of our students in Kununurra. Angel has a promising future, and we can confidently say she made the most of her time with us!  

Angel started her journey with us when undertaking a BSB20120 Certificate II in Workplace Skills. Her drive, passion, and commitment led her to then enrol in BSB30120 Certificate III in Business, opening a world of new opportunities! Her determination shone brightly as she completed her School Based Traineeship, hosted by North Regional TAFE at the Kununurra Campus. 

A highlight of Angel's journey was her outstanding attendance rate of 99% during her Traineeship. Despite facing personal challenges and juggling responsibilities, such as her part-time job at Kicky's Fried Chicken, Angel's punctuality and effective communication showed her ability to prioritise and overcome obstacles. Angel deservedly received several awards at her Year 12 graduation, a real testament to her dedication and hard work, making her a shining example for future and aspiring students. 

In her testimonial, Angel describes her journey at North Regional TAFE and how she engaged in sustainability initiatives and data entries. She expresses gratitude for the guidance and support provided by her mentor, Caroline Constant. Angel's testimonial reflects her eagerness to learn, work collaboratively, and pursue a future in entrepreneurship. 

As Angel sets her sights on the future, she envisions starting a small business. Her time at North Regional TAFE and her Traineeship experiences have equipped her with valuable skills and knowledge to navigate aspects of business and management. 

These words from her mentor, Caroline Constant, reflect the impact Angel has had on her peers and the staff at our Kununurra Campus: 

"Angel embodies the spirit of public service through her unwavering dedication to serving others and her commitment to positively impacting her community. Her experiences at Kicky's Fried Chicken and her leadership in her role at North Regional TAFE showcase her empathy, compassion, and genuine passion for helping others. She consistently demonstrates a responsibility to Western Australians by actively participating in initiatives that benefit her community, such as some of her church events. Angel's integrity and commitment to the public good are evident in her proactive approach to problem-solving and her dedication to promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. 

Angel will be an asset to any organisation. Her work ethic, humility, resilience, and drive to learn and improve herself make her the perfect employee. Angel will go places in her career, and we are confident she will positively impact her community and beyond.  

It was a pleasure to host Angel during her Traineeship, and we wish Angel all the best in her future endeavours."  

If Angel's story has inspired you and you wish to learn more about studying with us, please fill out our enquiry form to discuss your options; we look forward to hearing from you.