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Supporting PALM scheme workers to upskill at Cable Beach Resort

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Have you ever had the opportunity to stay or dine at Broome’s luxurious Cable Beach Resort? If you are one of the lucky ones, you may have also had the chance to get to know one of the friendly Pacific workers who are participating in the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) Scheme! Each of these workers come from the Pacific Islands region to experience what it is like to work in Australia and immerse in the lifestyle and the culture of Broome. 

The PALM scheme’s skills development program helps workers to develop life skills and the training they need for future employment. North Regional TAFE teamed up with Cable Beach Resort to deliver an 8-week course to help workers improve their English, learn about Australian history and culture, undertake job related training, and connect with ongoing opportunities for further learning. 

Jane Appleton, Lecturer, Access at North Regional TAFE who worked with 24 individuals said the group, mainly food and beverage staff, were confident English speakers but working in a tourist resort requires specialised skills such as using maps and giving directions to guests, recommending local attractions, and being familiar with COVID-specific terminology. 

Jane said it was a pleasure to teach such a highly motivated group. ‘They were eager to learn about life in Australia and they feel a lot more connected to the community now.’

One of the seasonal workers Akisi Marama said, “I really did enjoy the training. I learnt a few new words which allows me to organise my thoughts and communicate them effectively. I also have used the skills in my daily life, especially at the workplace when I interact with guests.”

The skills development program benefits both workers and employers by improving workers’ technical knowledge, abilities and increasing business productivity. Recently, the workers completed their course with the opportunity to grow in their professional careers at Cable Breach Resort.

We wish the PALM scheme participants all the best for their future endeavours and look forward to working with the Cable Beach Club Resort again and other employers to support more Pacific Labour workers.