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Trainee of the Year!

Congratulations, Paige on winning the Programmed Trainee of the Year award! Your dedication, hard work, and commitment to your studies and work have been recognised and it's a truly impressive accomplishment! 

We asked Paige if she could answer some questions for us, and we hope her answers will inspire others to start their student journey.

1. Can you tell me a bit about your background?

I've lived in Port Hedland for 12 years, where I attended Baler Primary School, Cassia Primary School, and Hedland Senior High School. Growing up here, I've embraced the outdoor experiences the Pilbara offers and have been fortunate to travel to many beautiful places. Traveling has always been a passion, and I'm most at home near the ocean. I love the outdoors, especially when it comes to camping and going on 4x4 adventures. I've been involved in community roles since the age of 14, learning from inspiring individuals who've shaped my journey. My upbringing has instilled a strong emphasis on leading a balanced, healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, which I believe is key to success. Having this background has really enhanced my experiences and has made me even more dedicated to promoting overall well-being and finding balance in life.


2. How did your journey with TAFE / Sport and Recreation begin?

My journey with TAFE and Sport and Recreation began with a bit of uncertainty. When it came to choosing a career path, I was at a crossroads and struggling to find the right fit among the school's offerings. My Dad spotted an ad for a Sports and Recreation traineeship hosted by the Town of Port Hedland and it really resonated with me. We spoke to the school VET coordinator, who then talked to the TOPH and Programmed to set up an interview. Thankfully, I got accepted into the traineeship, and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity. Like many high school students, making career decisions can be challenging, but this option seemed to align perfectly with my interests at the time. I had just started my fitness journey, becoming more interested in the gym and embracing a healthier lifestyle, so choosing a Sports and Recreation School Based Traineeship felt like the natural next step. I made this decision wholeheartedly, and I'm excited to have embarked on this path.


3. What is involved in studying a Certificate with North Regional TAFE?

Studying for a Certificate with North Regional TAFE was a well-rounded experience that involved both theory and hands-on learning. The practical assignments were a big part of the program and often involved real-life situations. I got to teach sports lessons at St. Cecilia's Primary School, where I could use my knowledge and gain valuable teaching experience. I also learned how to conduct fitness appraisals at the gym, which helped me gain practical skills for the fitness industry. The theory aspect of this certificate included a multitude of modules and assessments, that took dedication and self-motivation to complete. It required me to balance practical application and theoretical knowledge. I had a self-driven journey with the assistance of a remote lecturer. Luckily, my lecturer was very supportive and involved, guiding me every step of the way. The mix of practical experiences and in-depth theory built a strong foundation for my professional career.


4. What are you hoping to do or what have you done after completing your studies?

After completing my studies, I embarked on a journey of exploration and personal growth. I'm currently working full-time at Physiological Training Physiotherapy, which has provided me with a deeper insight into my future aspirations. My passion for assisting the community and promoting health and well-being continues to be a driving force in my career decisions. Looking ahead, I would love to pursue a Master's in Exercise Science, as it aligns with my long-term goals. However, I acknowledge that I'm still in the early stages of life, and I'm open to exploring multiple opportunities and avenues. The knowledge and experience I've gained through my School Traineeship have equipped me with valuable skills that will serve me well in various career paths throughout my life.


5. Is there anything else you would like to share with aspiring peers about your journey?

One of the most important lessons I've learned is to always keep an open mind and remain curious about the opportunities that surround us. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, as it's from these experiences that you gain new perspectives and grow as an individual. Hard work and dedication truly pay off and can take you a long way in life. It's essential to acknowledge and appreciate the support and guidance you receive from those who believe in you. I'm incredibly honoured and proud to have been awarded Best Apprentice/Trainee of the Year, and it's a testament to the unwavering support and dedication I received from my TAFE lecturers, specifically Allan Gell, Programmed and my host company, Town of Port Hedland. I'll forever be thankful to them for their contributions to my journey.

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