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Work and Development Permit Scheme

As a Work Development Permit Scheme sponsor, North Regional TAFE will participate in a new initiative to assist people experiencing difficulty paying court fines.

The new initiative supports those experiencing financial hardship to pay off their fines through activities such as unpaid work, medical or mental health treatment, educational, vocational or personal development course, treatment for an alcohol or drug use problem, mentoring.

The Work and Development Permit (WDP) Scheme is a partnership between the Department of Justice, Legal Aid WA and the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia. The scheme relies on sponsors to supervise and approve activities based on the amount owed in court fines.

Sponsors are key to the success of the WDP Scheme, and NR TAFE is honoured to support vulnerable and disadvantaged people, which helps to address their unpaid court fines.

For more information about this scheme and how it helps those in our community, follow this link.